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Starburn Horticulture – Your Local Calgary Nursery

Prairie Hardy Trees and Shrubs for Calgary's Vigorous Climate!   We are now closed for the 2017 Season !
                                             Please call with requests for tree pruning or removals.

Located just a couple km north of Calgary, we offer deciduous trees, conifers, shrubs, ornamental grasses and a selection of hardy perennials that will thrive when transplanted into your personal space.

Most of the trees we sell are rooted into 5 to 15 gallon containers. Some customers want a larger tree but our container trees are cost effective and manageable without heavy equipment - anyway trees rooted in a #15 container are quite large at 10 – 15 feet!

For information on plant availability or to discuss your requirements for the 2017 season, please contact Tom at: 403-470-7040 or

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